Californiated Me

For a final project in one of my classes this quarter, I was tasked with doing a creative interpretation of a self portrait or self revelation. I set out to use the images of my life to create this portrait. I gathered all of the photos I’ve taken in California and created the image below (click to enlarge). The majority of the photos are from touristy forays, Ducks games, Disneyland and the like. In the end, however, they do a pretty good job of showing my life since moving to California, enjoy.

Download full version here.

On Twitter And Social Implications

I’ve been a fan of Twitter for a few months now.  It’s an easy-to-use, fun way of keeping up with friends new and old.  I already snagged an account for the church so that we could have the name we wanted.  I’m not sure exactly how we are going to use it or publicize that we have it.  Maybe once I decide, we’ll put something about Twitter in the Encourager [monthly magazine].  

This afternoon, Central time, I read a tweet from a guy in Michigan who had already heard about the quake just north of Orange County less than 8 minutes after it had occurred  Even CNN didn’t have anything about it on their website that quick.

Here’s an article about how Twitter and news of the earthquake converged.