So I love my TV. I watch it all the time. Between hockey and the countless shows I watch live or DVR, I spend many hours a week using my cable which also supplies my Internet. So I’m willing to pay for it. I’ve been a loyal Time Warner customer for 6 years now in multiple markets and have concludeded they really do have the best product. There were 9 months in there where I had a non-TW serviceable aparment and it was miserable. So I have seen the dark side and don’t wanna go back there. One obnoxious thing however is that the price goes up significantly after your promo period. I was topping $160 so I decided it was time to give them a call. Long story short, after 30 minutes on the phone I’m down to $110 and have Turbo Internet. So I was quite excited until I realized that I was excited to pay $110 for cable and Internet. Time Warner is not Robin Hood but I give money to them happily as if they were as noble. That’s messed up.

Addicted to WordPress = New Church Blog

I continue to grow fonder and fonder of WordPress.  Were our church website less complicated, I’d consider finding a way to using WordPress as our CMS since we don’t have one.  Since that’s not an option, I quickly decided, after several unexpected problems surfaced this morning, to power our news feed on the church website with WordPress.  It’s already turned out to be fantastically useful.  I’ll keep playing with it and learning more about the powers of WP.

Check it out: u|news live! –

On Twitter And Social Implications

I’ve been a fan of Twitter for a few months now.  It’s an easy-to-use, fun way of keeping up with friends new and old.  I already snagged an account for the church so that we could have the name we wanted.  I’m not sure exactly how we are going to use it or publicize that we have it.  Maybe once I decide, we’ll put something about Twitter in the Encourager [monthly magazine].  

This afternoon, Central time, I read a tweet from a guy in Michigan who had already heard about the quake just north of Orange County less than 8 minutes after it had occurred  Even CNN didn’t have anything about it on their website that quick.

Here’s an article about how Twitter and news of the earthquake converged.

The H in ADHD

For my first official post on my blog dubbed eADHD, I thought it wise to list the characteristics unique to the H in ADHD.  For those of you that know me.  Many of these will sound very familiar.


  1. Often fidgets with hands or feet or squirms in seat.
  2. Often gets up from seat when remaining in seat is expected.
  3. Often runs about or climbs when and where it is not appropriate (adolescents or adults may feel very restless).
  4. Often has trouble playing or enjoying leisure activities quietly.
  5. Is often “on the go” or often acts as if “driven by a motor”.
  6. Often talks excessively.


  1. Often blurts out answers before questions have been finished.
  2. Often has trouble waiting one’s turn.
  3. Often interrupts or intrudes on others (e.g., butts into conversations or games).